About the Club

Kiev Stolypin Club is a nonprofit civil organization joining eminent business personals, politicians and free-lancers who are all Kiev citizens.

The Club is a union and a meeting place for influential, well-educated and honoured people regardless their political and religious views. The Club is closed for public at large, however it offers the possibility for everybody who wants to take part in certain open events of the Club. The Stolypin Club secures the unique contact level (Club members and special guests) and Club’s events, such as regular meetings and open sessions.

The history of Kiev city, contemporary world and liberal sponsorship are the three elements of the Club’s mission. We are created and work tireless for the sake of excellent today and even better future, for our country and for all of us.

The history’s main landmarks are always the acts of strong personalities, and their expolits, achievements and sometimes, unfortunately, their mistakes.

Strong personalities are true point of interest of our Club. We make thorough studies of historical events and occurences where famous and well-known people from the past of our city, our country and from abroad were focused, as well as we open the Club’s doors and welcome our uncommon contemporaries.

A few words about the Club’s name. Regardless of well-known and resonant name of Stolypin, at our Club we are not an ordinary society of admirers of Petr Arkadievich Stolypin’s person and his deeds, though we pay tribute to him.

There is no doubt that P.A.Stolypin is the strong person who had left his trace in history.

However, our Club is the society of honourable citizens of Kiev. And Kiev is a capital city since ancient times, so this is also meant in our Club’s name. Our city has many centuries of age, and every century is one hundred years. Hundred is sto in Ukrainian and Russian, and again we hear the sounds of the past times in our Club’s name. Finally the Club’s meetings are taking place at one table (a table is stol), which is the symbol of community, unity, confidence, family and friendship. All these associations fill the sense of the Stolypin Club’s name to us.

The Stolypin Club is founded 14 April 2010, officially open since 1 July 2010, the certification date. The first meeting of the Stolypin Club took place 16 July 2010 in Kiev on the upper open veranda of the Riviera Hotel at Podil, Poshtova Ploscha.

The Club’s motto is Dignity and Honour.

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